QR Code Software Features
"Royalty free automated production of QR Codes. Supporting bitmap PNG and JPG formats as well as PDF and EPS vector formats"
"Full support for CMYK and RGB color models. Suitable for integration into any desktop or server applications"

Software Features

featuresUnlimited royalty free generation of ISO specification QR Codes.

.NET 2.0 framework compatible with integration ability on tablet computers, desktop systems and servers.

Runs on 32 and 64 bit single or multiple core CPU systems.

Serve two worlds

worldsAbility to create for two different display media methods.

screenGenerate bitmap qr codes for radiant devices like TV, computer etc. screens.

bookGeneratevector or line drawing qr codes for use with reflective print media, like posters, magazines, business cards etc..

Two Colors

binocularsEven though QR codes should be black and white, not all black is the same.

rgbRGB color model for perfect color matching for radiant display devices.

cmykCMYK color model for professional printing ensuring a true color match with your corporate or company colors.


productionSuitable for multiple generation needs, from computer to server.

computerIdeal for on-demand QR code generation or creating plugin's for desktop applications.

serverSmall footprint high speed QR code generation for real-time streaming or database driven volume batch producton.