QR Code Software Specifications
"The worlds most advanced QR code server."
"QR Code generator software specifications"

Platform Specifications

windowsThe core of the QR code generator is based around a dynamic link library (.dll) developed in Microsoft Visual Studio using the .NET framework 2.0.

It functions on desktop computers and well as 32 and 64 bit server operatin systems.


generatorBased on US patent 6,494,375 owned by Denso Wave. And conforming to ISO/IEC 18004:2006.

The QR4 generator software module has been enhanced to support UTF-8 and support for CMYK and RGB non-specification color models.


outputTwo types of output, memory data stream and file system are provided for the abilty to generate in-line and in batch.

Enhanced support for opacity and transparency for file types that support these.

Bitmap and vector QR code supported.


supportIntergration support with ERP and data driven publishing systems is available.

Sampe code for use with desktop applications and automated server processes are available in C# and VB at a minimal fee.

QR4 also develops complete custom QR code generators and scripts.

QR Code Server Functional Specifications

Error Correction

All four levels of error correction are supported.


File Types

The QR Code server supports bitmap and vector QR code file support.


Colour Models

Both RGB for digital dispaly and CMYK for professional printing are fully supported for both foreground and background colours.



Ability to adjust the 'quite zone' around the QR code elements.


Adjust the size of the QR code elements, ideal for bitmap quality definition.

Sample code screenshot

QR Code Server Sample Code

Sample source code as seen above is available for VS2008 as download for VB.net and C#.net

To get the advances QR Code server fully functional, a licence key is required and can be purchased via QR4 or ODOA.

QR Code Generation Speed

How fast can it generate QR codes is a question we get asked often. It depends heavily on the computer used to generate the QR codes. Our generators are multi-threading and can run in parallel.

To give an idea as example: A single instance desktop QR code generator running on a DELL T3400 configured as an office server as a Domain Controller with Active Directory and Exchange and a host of other applications with 10 users attached produces an average of 25 QR Codes per second = 1500 per minute = 90 000 per hour. This can be greatly enhanced by running multiple instances on a dedicated server if required.